Ingram Technologies is an approved Texas DIR contract holder for IT products and services. We offer Zebra Technologies. To view the contract, click here. To view the DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview, click here. To see Contract Price List, click here


Contact Information & Designated Order Fulfillers

Call us at 888-539-0992 ext. 101 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or email Scott Ingram at

Ingram Technologies
PO Box 203324
Austin, TX 78720


How To Order

  • For product and pricing information, visit our website or contact Scott Ingram at 888-539-0992. Reseller Vendors are also available through this contract. Select from any Reseller Vendor contact to also obtain product and pricing information.
  • Generate a purchase order made payable to Ingram Technologies, LLC or any Reseller Vendor. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4460 on your purchase order.
  • E-mail or fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor or reseller sales representative.


Warranty Policy:

Ingram Technologies does not offer a warranty, but does honor the manufacturer’s warranty and support programs. Please refer to the applicable product information to understand exactly what the terms and conditions are and to see what is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For Zebra Technologies support, click here.

Ingram Technologies, LLC does not accept product returns unless the product is defective and then, only for replacement. In the case of a failure, replacement items will be processed according to the manufacturer’s support policies.


Return Requirements:

Defective or damaged products may be returned to the manufacturer by adhering to the requirements below.

  1. Customer must obtain a valid RMA number for all returns.
  2. Ingram Technologies, LLC adheres to the manufacturer’s return policies. These policies include adhering to final dates of return or re-stocking fees for returns.
  3. Not all product lines are eligible for this return policy. Check with support at Ingram Technologies, LLC at to verify specific eligibility.


Reseller Vendor Contacts

Vendor Name Vendor ID HUB Type Contact Name Phone/Fax Address
Ingram Technologies, LLC 1453217640200   Scott Ingram Phone: 888-539-0992
PO Box 203324, Austin, TX 78720
Semper Feye Solutions, Inc. 1463896484200 Disabled Veteran Robert Wagner Phone: (254) 238-2731
13421 Capadocia Cove, Austin, TX, 78727
Summus Industries, Inc 1760533392500 Black/Male Rodney Craig Phone: (606) 276-3700
Fax: (281) 640-1766
77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd. Suite 420, Sugarland, TX, 77478-3679